Clearnox® _ 2.5T to 3.5T Ref. 3408

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Against crystallization of your SCR system, Clearnox® is a ready-to-use urea solution that allows the SCR nitrogen oxide treatment (NOx) system to operate. But the Clearnox® goes further: it prevents the risk of immobilization by stopping crystallization in the SCR system. HOW DOES IT WORK? Under certain operating conditions, the temperature of the exhaust gases is not sufficient for the urea reaction to be complete. Cyanuric acid crystals can then form and clog the SCR system, causing the vehicle to come to a standst at. Clearnox® ensures optimal spraying and allows a complete reaction to a lower temperature, avoiding the crystallization of the SCR system.
Clearnox®, respects the physical and chemical limits of ISO 22241.