SMB AUTO, automotive after-sales expertise

SMB AUTO designs, manufactures and distributes unique fluid solutions for all-class vehicles.

Innovate, formulate, produce, control and market…

SMB AUTO meets the expectations of professionals, equipping itself with the means to meet its objectives: research and development laboratories, filling centres, control laboratories and packaging sites (Bry, Passy and Saint-Priest in France and Saint-Niklaas in Belgium).

Expertise to serve the needs of automotive professionals:

SMB AUTO rigorously selects its products and assists automotive professionals to address the maintenance problems of all types of vehicles. More than just products and services, we offer our know-how:

  • Our sales department listens to your needs.
  • Our expert service informs you about changes in standards and regulations;
  • Our technical department is looking with you for customized solutions to your projects;
  • our analysis and control laboratory meets your expectations, from standard analysis to the most specific requests.

Shared values and commitments

Over time, SMB AUTO has built and developed on commitments shared and approved by all of its employees and partners.

Integrity, respect for people, trust and loyalty… these values are the basis of SMB’s commitments. Women and men of our company are committed to every day to stay close to your expectations and be responsive, and thus gain your trust day after day.


Today, more than ever, SMB is actively involved in safeguarding the environment by adopting a responsible and eco-citizen approach:
  • SMB is the partner of renowned global producers, thus ensuring control of its raw material supplies.
  • Our industrial units guarantee you quality production, in optimal conditions of safety and respect for the environment. SMB and our packaging centers are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Our products are systematically tested, to meet strict and complete constraints.
  • Our laboratories specialize in developing applications of new formulas that comply with current regulations.

Dehon, the strength of a group

A pioneer of specialty chemistry

The DEHON Group, a family-owned company, has been the specialist in refrigerants for cold and air conditioning since 1874. The development of this activity naturally led him to promote complementary products in other markets.

Over the years, it has become a leader in specialty chemicals:

  • Refrigerants
  • Aerosol propellant gases
  • Products for high technology
  • Synthetic intermediaries
  • Products for electronics
  • Automotive maintenance products, technical fluids

The DEHON Group has earned the trust of the world’s leading producers with whom it has entered into partnership contracts in many application areas such as automotive, optics, aeronautics, electronics and medical. His commitment to sustainable development has led him to develop the recovery and regeneration of the products he markets

Organization of the group

Present in more than 40 countries (Europe, America and Asia) with about 550 people, it is composed of commercial channels:

And a technical structure (CREALIS, UMBS, and its sister companies) responsible for industrial and logistics operations.