With suction tube and 2.5 m stainless steel back-up hose.
With 56×4 connector.
It is a reference for:
– Its suction capacity: self-starting with simple and immediate flow
– Volumetric performance: 38 litres per 100 rotations
100% of the materials used (ISO 22241) The manufacturing requirements attached to anti-wear materials guarantee perfect operation for many years to come.
Solid manufacturing for professional use.

AdBlue-compatible pump, non-alcoholic ice washers (strictly summer LG) and cooling liquids

Cooling and Antigel

SMB AutoCooling provides an appropriate response to the smooth operation and longevity of each engine. SMB AUTO offers 100% universal solutions as well as manufacturer-specific formulas.


All formulas are developed for triple protection:

  • Fighting engine overheating
  • Preventing the circuit from freezing by freezing
  • Tackling corrosion and hot cavitation
Why choose a borax-free, universal formula?

SMB has chosen to ban borax, a harmful additive that also has the disadvantage of being consumed over time, after 2 years or 30,000 km, this mineral technology loses almost all its protection against corrosion.

The 100% organic inhibition system selected by SMB AUTO provides 150,000 km of corrosion protection.

SMB AUTO guarantees total miscibility to allow universal use in all engines.

Why choose a manufacturer-specific cooling liquid?

The SMB AUTO range of manufacturers’ specific cooling liquids provides the most in line with the requirements of manufacturers for each vehicle model.