R-744 (Carbon Dioxide) Ref. 3195

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CO2 is a refrigerant considered an ecological fluid: its impact on the ozone layer is zero (ODP Ozone Depleting Potential – 0) and its impact on the greenhouse effect is low (GWP Global Warming Potential – 1).
Its thermodynamic characteristics are excellent despite much higher service pressures than HFCs.
CO2 is a non-flammable, non-explosive and non-hazardous fluid.
The CO2 refrigerant itself is economical, recovery and disposal are no longer necessary.
CO2 – No recycling package

– R744 Gas CO2
– TPED specification,
– 1964-2
– Filling weight 15 KG (F.CO2)
– Test pressure 300 [bar]
– Exterior diameter 204 [mm]
– Length 780 [mm]
– Crazy Weight 22 [kg]
Robinet / Valve:
– Brass double-track single-track faucet with TP,
– Out: 21.7 x 1,814 steps to the right
– Entry: 25E
– Pressure maxi service: 250 bar
– Built-in anti-return valve and VPN.
– Break disc.
15 Kg

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