Ready to use pink, with built-in leak tracer
Made from Audi-approved antifreeze; Seat; Skoda; Volkswagen (since 2011)
The G13 specification is compatible with previous standards: G12 (VW TL 774 D), G12 (VW TL 774 F) and G12 (VW TL 774) G)
Anti-overheating -121C (crazy cork) and antifreeze -30OC

Cooling and Antigel

SMB AutoCooling provides an appropriate response to the smooth operation and longevity of each engine. SMB AUTO offers 100% universal solutions as well as manufacturer-specific formulas.


All formulas are developed for triple protection:

  • Fighting engine overheating
  • Preventing the circuit from freezing by freezing
  • Tackling corrosion and hot cavitation
Why choose a borax-free, universal formula?

SMB has chosen to ban borax, a harmful additive that also has the disadvantage of being consumed over time, after 2 years or 30,000 km, this mineral technology loses almost all its protection against corrosion.

The 100% organic inhibition system selected by SMB AUTO provides 150,000 km of corrosion protection.

SMB AUTO guarantees total miscibility to allow universal use in all engines.

Why choose a manufacturer-specific cooling liquid?

The SMB AUTO range of manufacturers’ specific cooling liquids provides the most in line with the requirements of manufacturers for each vehicle model.